What's the item of clothing you've owned for the longest time?

Do you still wear it? Why do you keep it, sentimental value?

For me it’s probably the socks I’m wearing right now. Keep meaning to replace them, but they’re super thick and whenever it’s cold I end up wearing them again. Reckon they’re 15 years old and still going.

I’ve got band t-shirts I bought in around 2005/6 that are still in good condition and get worn regularly.

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Band shirt that’s 15+years old.

Old football shirts etc

Colchester United home shirt I got when I was a mascot for my 7th birthday (0-0 draw with Millwall)

My corduroy parka that I got for my 18th birthday and still wear to this day (including today) meaning I’ve owned it for over half my life.


Got an Orbital long sleeve top that I bought at their New Year’s Eve concert at Ally Pally in 1996.

Signed Carter USM t-shirt from a gig in 1994. Never been washed since, so it’s covered in 26 year old sweat.

Elliott Smith t-shirt that’s now just a black t shirt from about 2006

I purchased the classic Baracuta G9 Harrington jacket when I was 17 with one of my first paychecks. I still love it very much and wear it often. Needs a little bit of stitching to repair some of the fraying bits but still very functional

Silverfish t-shirt from 1992 :+1:

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I’ve got a Bjork tee shirt that says “it takes courage to enjoy it” on the back - Big Time Sensuality came out in 1993

An Isis (the band) t-shirt I got in 2004. Still wear ot around the house, less so outside.

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An old skate hoodie I got for Christmas age 13, I’m now 31. Thanks to being a large 13 year old and the baggy style of the time, it still fits, and is in really good nick despite being worn loads. Don’t really wear it out now, but it’s good to keep me warm in the house


A Body Count t-shirt I bought in early 1995.

I used to be ridiculous for this, kept a tshirt from my 9th birthday and still had it in my 20s. It was very stretchy and I was a giant 9yo anyway. Had kept many items of clothing out of sentimental reasons but pulled myself together a few years back and recycled them all. Still have my towel gown thing from the summer before university, it was the first thing I bought for my new life and also helped me during the embarrassing times where the shower was far away from my room

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I wear things until they get lost or fall apart, got a few tshirts i’ve been wearing for about 20 years that were my brothers from about 10 years prior to that.

Fast fashion is bizarre

It really is. Used to follow some bloggers from Singapore and the Philippines about 10 years ago and they would literally never wear the same outfit twice. I really like having a few trusty bits of clothing that can be mixed and matched and will last a long time because I look after them and repair them rather than get rid of them


It doesn’t help that quality of clothes seems much worse now, not even just in the likes of Primark but I’ve had stuff from Monki that has literally fallen apart a few weeks in. In a race for suppliers to keep up with fast fashion its getting to harder to find enduring stuff.


Nothing longer than a few years ago, throw clothes out regularly. Throw your smelly tops from the 90s away, lads.

this coat, wore it regularly until about 5 years ago

was purchased in late spring of the year 2000, so it lasted 15 years including all those little adventures you go on as a teenager, including spending nights on random floors or benches etc.

it was also the coat I used to get served booze under-age in, which was brilliant because it still says age 11-12 in and has loads of these buttons