What's the largest you've ever seen your face?

I’m thinking cinema screen, billboard or printed on the side of a plane

Mirror. It’s a big face.

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1:1 scale


Projector screen at the pub I used to work at

Just asked this to the guy that sits next to me and he rolled his eyes and said ‘Jack, it’s too early for this’. :frowning:


My face is going on billboards today. But thankfully it’s about 2% of the actual billboard so my real life face is probably bigger. I will do a side by side comparison shot.


Fuck’s sake, singing the thread title to this now.


A present for my friend:


He was a big fan:


Probably one of the big screens at a festival when they zoom in on a crowd. Maybe Haiku Salut at Green Man as they kept zooming onto a group of about 20-30 people all stood together to make it look busier.

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Used to do global video conferences when I worked at the BBC - unsurprisingly, they had pretty good tech. No one needs to see a close up of their own face in full HD on a four metre screen. No one…

had mumps


Save it for the “what’s the largest you’ve ever seen your bollocks” thread.

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Back of a bus

Funny u should ask, Neil Buchanan once did one of his large art attacks of my face. It was quite something.

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Save it for Thursd… oh.

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wheres the billboard? i want to see!

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Mad considering your name is Juke

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There’s over a 100 of them I think!

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When I was at Uni I acted in a student film as part of my course - and I think the film was projected onto a bigish screen at some point, so that

My performance was poor - but to be fair to me the script was rather uninspiring and I got very little in the way of direction

In contrast the film I co directed (Fish Night, don’t look it up on IMDB, it’s not there) really allowed the actors a platform to shine and received a 1st . Sadly my directing career was cruelly cut short at this early stage.

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