What's the last thing you broke?

Just smashed the microwave plate on the kitchen floor didn’t I.

Serves me right for cleaning it…

Accidentally: A nice glass I got my GF for xmas - it was one of a set of four.
On purps: LEGO Police Station

cafetiere, banning myself from getting glass ones anymore. must have smashed at least 5 in my short life.

Do you change username each time?


My tolerance of Chris Smalling


Go karting trophy on Saturday, got it all the way back to the hotel then dropped it was I was going up the stairs.

We once had a cool set with LOVE on in the style that makes you test for colour blindness. All now smashed.

Could be a good metaphor for long term relationships tbh

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4mm drill bit on Saturday. This was preceded shortly earlier by the breakage of a 2mm drill bit.

Just some two-bit smasher, aren’t you?