What's the last thing you doubled-up on?


I just finished a cheese n’ apple sandwich, and immediately thought to myself… “y’know what, 'niner? I could eat another one of those,” so I went and made another one.

What’s the last thing you doubled-up on, or went back for more of the same, or had a sneaky second?



your mum


A pint last time I went to the pub




bowl of rice crispies.

in fact I ALWAYS double up on bowls of rice crispies.


Of late, my pre-evening meal snack of choice has been two packets of Quavers in a bowl. Often coupled with a glass of wine whilst I watch the jackpot round on Pointless


Scone last night.


I normally double down


The only time that phrase comes up is when DJing and I’m playing 45s on one turntable and someone else is on the other turntable. Did a bit of that on Saturday two weeks ago. It’s fun trying to quickly find something follows the other guy’s choice that works.


I always make fish finger sandwiches in pairs.


A pack of Snaktastic Pea Snacks Malaysian Spicy Curry flavour, this very day.


had two Mr Kipling chocolate slices earlier as I didn’t think one would be enough. I was right.