What's the last thing you smashed?

absolutely smashed that haggis toastie yesterday, was starving.

keep it PG-13, please.

Refer you to my previous thread…

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6-3 Game of #rocketleague in which I score three goals and got two assits.


Massive bag of pistachio nuts. Wasn’t a great idea.

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Your Instagram post was like looking into a veggie black? mirror.

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Smashed 4x 330ml bottles of Peroni (empty) into our glass bin yesterday.

bag of Sports Mix last night

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what’s sports mix?

Bag of chilli Doritos yesterday, to ruin my dinner.


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gif game is on point here.

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Bag of salt and vinegar hula-hoops.

a maxibon the night before last.

just smashed TWO bags of burton’s fish and chips. not as salty as they used to be but i still love em

three packets of ‘low fat’ salt and vinegar crinkle crisps at lunch

i’m now gonna try and refrain from chocolate and crisps until my birthday

My phone screen. Bastarding thing isn’t even six months old.

Bag o’ Twirl Bites.

I smashed a very thin ikea wine glass in the kitchen the other week.
It went fucking EVERYWHERE.