What's the last thing you smashed?


I smashed a very thin ikea wine glass in the kitchen the other week.
It went fucking EVERYWHERE.


apricot jam tart


and @meowington guys you want slicky’s thread!!


I don’t think I broke it.

I smashed it.

If its broken, surely that means it can be fixed?
This can’t be fixed


Yesterday’s bike ride.


i’m not falling for your wicked mind games, meowington!



what is this? it was somebody’s avatar. plz




A half crispy Peking duck last night with pancakes. And then a wee bit extra.

I regret nothing.


Used to be one of my favourite things smashing things into the glass recycling bin before the council switched to curbside recycling.


Had five Linda McCartney sausages with nice mash yesterday, no meat no guilt!!!


Often name this when I asked what’s the worst song / video ever…