What's The Last Thing You Were Given?

Someone just gave me a tray of tangerines. Lovely. :tangerine:

What’s the last thing someone gave you?


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My friend gave me a bonus cigarette when we were leaving my friends flat on Saturday. It’s currently sitting getting more and more unsmokable on the shelf in the hallway.

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my daughter gave me an amsterdam themed fridge magnet which she brought back from her city break to amsterdam


miniature heroes

1x fudge bar
1x creme egg twisted

technically the fudge bar was the last thing

I can’t remember. Probably a tray of donuts for me to share with my colleagues by a grateful customer whose arse I pulled out of the quicksand by fixing up their mess of a job in time to get printed.

Bottle of wine from my Italian teacher.

15 years old I was

My sister gave me an ordnance survey drink coaster showing the village of Fochabers near Elgin (we spent our summers there staying with our grandparents when we were small).

An earful. From someone who left a voicemail for me at work this morning, calling up to complain about something my team has done. He was very angry.