Whats the least you've been in a country?



I’ll give an example of what I mean to both kick the thread off and act as an example of what I mean.

I’ve only been in Wales on a train, going to the boat at Holyhead.


only been in iceland* for changing to flights to the US

*the country not the supermarket you cheeky scamps!!!


spent 4 hours in Luxembourg once as a kid.

Seemed like that was enough at the time


been in dubai the least the most

changed planes there loads, never actually been outside


Only ever been in Saudi Arabia to stand on their side of the border for 5 minutes.

(on the causeway that links it to Bahrain)


Only been in Kenya and Abu Dhabi to change planes


I’m hoping somebody has crossed the US on a Segway.



also Singapore and the UAE (twice).


ooh only been in switzerland long enough to drive across the border to chamonix. i’d guess less than an hour


I hadn’t thought of that, I’ve only been through it on the train from Paris to Rome and I was sleeping part of the journey I think.


oh also Austria? Think I flew into an airport somewhere there and then got a car and drove to Germany?


what a segue


spent 4 hours at lax once on a changeover to new zealand. haven’t visited the usa apart from that.

pretty sure i popped over the border into algeria once or twice when i lived in tunisia. might even have crept into libya as well, i’m not sure.


Probably Monaco for an afternoon


effortless, as in, i put no effort into it


Austria probably: flew into Vienna in order to visit a friend in Bratislava; had a day trip there but didn’t spend the night.


Went into Oman briefly for a swim.


spent about 30 seconds in germany over the summer

unfortunately I have been a number of other times but it still counts right?


Been to Russia (St. Petersburg) for 6 hours and Uruguay for 4.


Got a train through Slovenia