What's the longest amount of time you've slept for?


Last Thursday I couldn’t sleep, fourth night of insomnia, so when I got home Friday night I thought I’d have an hour before meeting some friends for a drink. Fell asleep at 5pm and woke up at 2pm Saturday afternoon. Fucking 2pm! Almost a full day asleep! I felt absolutely atrocious: thirsty, hungry, head aching, sleep crust in the corner of my eyes. Then fell asleep at 10pm that night, slept thru until dawn on Sunday. Lost my weekend effectively. Wtf!


good effort

have pulled about 14-15 hours before coming off of long haul flights (can’t sleep at all on planes)


Same, too self conscious and uncomfortable. Always sleep like the dead after a long flight.


I sleep really well almost all the time, but only for about 8 hours. The only exception to this was when I was a teenager and I flew back from America, and slept for 15 hours when I got home. Felt awful.


Don’t think I’ve slept longer than 11 or 12 hours since I was at primary school


30 hours after a full weekend bender. fell asleep at like midday on the monday and, cause it was winter, woke up and it was already pitch black on the tuesday night, really threw me off


About 16 hours when I was ill. Woke up to the Christian girl in my corridor banging on my door, she had to get me to her car and take me to hospital. Had glandular fever.

Normally don’t sleep til past 7 so get about 8/9 hours max.


I think 18 hours or so. As an 18 year old kid many many years ago I got drunk on around three pints with a uni mate who then pulled out a skunk joint. I had maybe two or three puffs and it fucked me up badly. I managed to get to my halls in the late afternoon and slept until around midday the next day.


Not that long, maybe like 10 hours? I’m quite bad at sleeping.


Yeah, like @Songs_about_ducking, once when I was ill I slept for so long that people got really worried.


26 hrs after my 21st birthday, I would in no way recommend it.


18 hours on a comedown I think.

Was fine


I do not recall.


Have done this a lot in winter, falling asleep at 4 in the morning and waking up 4 in the afternoon, going without seeing daylight for several days.


Similar to you but it was jet lag induced after flying back from New York. Wimbledon was on the telly to make it extra confusing cuz I thought I’d maybe been out an hour but nope, nearly 24!


yeah, tennis is pretty fucking boring


I’m going to allow this


yeah similar. at 18 would just party right through the night, then the morning, end up chilling in someone’s flat/the park until about 4 pm then sleep through until 12 the next day. ahh the student life.


I still do this some weekends :joystick:


Can’t hack the mornings anymore. In bed by 10am at the latest. Getting old man.