What's the longest period of time you've gone continuously wearing the same item of clothing

No need for any context or details here please, just raw figures if you will

Consistently? I’m on a mostly fixed two week work shirt rota.

Like never taking off even when sleeping etc?!

Presumably you’ve taken them off for bed though?

Yes, exactly that.

Yes. Do you mean “consecutively”?

I don’t think so

Ok. I consistently wear my purple shirt on every second Monday.

That’s all I have to contribute to the thread. Thank you for your time.

Pretty certain I’ve gone thursday through to monday only changing t-shirt once at a festival before, so that’d be a couple of days

Or does he mean, continuously?

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I think I might mean ‘continuously’ thanks Robert (and all the best to Nicola)

I have absolutely no idea.

I’ve consistently worn underpants since the age of about two years old?

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Maybe 48 hours for a pair of pants or pyjamas when I’ve been ill in bed?

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Hey Nickers, can you make the thread title say ‘continuously’ instead if ‘consistently’ please?

Fucking yes mate! This guy gets it!


Many thanks, friend

Actually at uni I reckon I’ve probably done close to three days without leaving the flat in the same boxers and trackie bottoms

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