What's the longest phone call you've ever had?


just watching my colleague feel the life force ebbing out of him as he hits hour 3 of a call. it’s incredible. he got in early to be ready for it, and thought it’d be an hour or so, but it’s still going. he’s looking panicked. i’m throwing shit at him to see if i can force a rage-out but he’s still just hanging in there.

how long have you been on the phone for WITHOUT STOPPAGE OF ANY SORT (IMPORTANT)


Had a three and a half hour call the other month that was so bad it triggered a three day migraine.

The first hour and a half was taken up by various IT issues with the conference calling stuff.


dunno tbhumble. back in the day I remember hanging up at the 555 minute mark and redialling so it was still free… so over an hour… or is that two separate calls?

had a few conference calls lasting 2 hours or so


jesus christ that’s somehow worse. admin for the call while on the call


Not counting conference calls, I guess it would be one of the weekly phone calls to my parents - they can often go on for more than an hour, and have been up to 90 minutes I think.


It was at the end of the day, too, so each passing minute was delaying my getting to go the fuck home.

I no longer fear death.


When me and the gf were doing the long distance thing we used to do marathon all night phone calls. It was free on Virgin Media if we remembered to hang up every hour and redial, which we usually forgot to do and wound up paying huge phone bills for. I kinda miss those, though fuck knows what gibberish we talked for that long.


this is basically same as me. capable of chatting over an hour to mum but not every week


3 hour conference call yesterday. Only 30 minutes relevant to me and I said about 30 words - but still couldn’t walk away from call as I might be called upon at any time.

Only personal calls I really make are to my parents, and they can last about 50 min.


Was on a ten hour conference call once. Had two breaks in the middle, biggest gap 4 hours. Had a fortnight of being on the for 6 hours max per day.


Three hour call with a customer who was complaining that the speakers he had ordered were damaged and that they were now out of stuck so he couldn’t get them replaced. Fuck me, I went over and above on that one. I think I was talking to him on IM for an hour, then I called him and got stuck on the phone with him for three hours while I got it sorted. I’m never working in a fucking call centre ever again.

This was with Amazon by the way, I was one of those people you talk to on live chat.


oh mother of god that’s fucking insanity


Think I spoke to you on that. Amit, right?


yer not wrong!


Best/worst bit is that it was to the US so the one in question was 2-12.


Thank you very much. Is there anything more I can help you with?


Mate, 555 minutes is nine and a quarter hours.


Im on a 32 year call to the Big G brother, and I aint ever hangin up


More than ten years ago I received a call that lasted for more than three hours. It was from a guy named Kim Fowley (now deceased) who proceeded to relate extracts from his very colourful life history. It was, admittedly, hugely entertaining. I wish I’d been able to record it.


I normally start zoning out after about 5 minutes