What's the longest you have put something off?


I had quite a lot of people in my flat on friday/saturday and have put off washing the glasses and doing a mop up for an easy two days.

What have you put off?


I put off properly learning to drive for 12 years.


It still phases (fazes?) me somewhat how close we are in age


There’s stuff I’ve put off which I have just ended up never doing.


Oh man that’s an idea


Getting my shit together – almost 31 years


It’s my irrepressible youthful joie de vivre that’s getting you mixed up, isn’t it.


I put off finishing Zelda Skyward Sword for 4 years


Dentist cancelled my last appointment - left me a message to call and reschedule

Got a letter the other day telling me that was 2 years ago

Still not got round to calling them


Last week I got sick of doing the dishes so I didn’t bother, they weren’t done until Thursday.


On a similar note, I’ve put off phoning a psychiatrist that my GP referred me to for well over a year now – just cause I hate making those kinds of phone calls, nevermind that it would actually make amy life better.


amateur. i got a letter reminding me i was due a dentist appointment six years ago


If it’s any consolation you’d probably be put through to a receptionist


I bet there’s a bit of a queue forming now!


defo not bothering then


I’m looking at a form right now that I should have sent to my professional body 23 months ago. Can’t bring myself to do it now, it’s signed and dated. Can’t get it signed and dated by a witness again, they’ll know I never sent it 23 months ago and that’s embarrassing.

Oh well.


Signing up to a local GP surgery. Had the reg forms for a place on Broadway Market since we moved into the flat 4 years ago.

Not even ill so no point is there.


Went to the dentist for the first time as an adult, and for the first time in 8 years last month


north london wanker.


How are the new dentures?