What's the longest you've been awake for?


Long distance travel counts, I guess.

Approx 50 hours for me. :sunglasses:

50 ish when our eldest was born. A NICU can do that to you. Isn’t there a figure maybe of about a week were if you don’t sleep you die?

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I was gonna make this thread! Can you read my mind?

Did 24 hours in transit with no sleep after a holiday and went straight to the office from the airport and did a full shift and then when I got home I found that we had left the freezer open for the two weeks we’d been away and I had to sort that out having been awake for 32 hours or so and I wept


Mines about 46 hours I think. Going Ibiza on an early flight - didnt sleep the night before and then didnt sleep till later

The first time I flew to Australia I couldn’t sleep any part of the flights. I left about 10pm after a normal work day so 16 hours, then stopped at KL with my dad so I guess 30ish hours? Maybe a bit more.

20 hours i think. was pretty wild

Got a coach from Plymouth to Barcelona once on a school trip, think that was about 36 hours, didn’t sleep a wink.

about 18 hours I think

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About 36 hours i think. Flight to Japan, not able to sleep on plane, landing morning local time.

43 hours

I think it was coming up on 3 days at the end of Roskilde 2008 in Denmark. Last day/night of a festival, really heavily delayed flight, then getting back to Wales from London. Let’s say 50-55hrs ish.
I was definitely hallucinating, still remember ducking at an overhead lamp I thought was a glass headed right at me and also a grey zombie hand grabbing my arm (there was no zombie/hand).

Probably Green Man 2010. Definitely didn’t sleep Friday night and was up until 6ish on the Saturday.

Lost a full day to sleep when I got home

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I lost track but somewhere north of 40. Overnight flight from Thailand to the UK where I had an annoying metal box screwed to the floor in front of my legs and never managed to settle.

Landed in the UK on new years eve and went home to try and sleep so I could party all night. Sleep never came.

Went to my friends house planning to party until midnight then go sleep but then after midnight another friend invited me to another party and I had reached some kind of mania at that point and decided to go. Stayed up at that party until [footage note found] and then woke up on their sofa at 8pm with the party still going around me and literally the second I opened my eyes somebody handed me a bloody Mary.

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once did three night shifts in a row without any sleep through a combination of insomnia, hot weather and talking stimulants during work to stay awake.

hit a pigeon with my car on the way home from the second night and was in floods of tears picking bits of it out of the grill when I got back

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30 odd hours. Not good at it though, I get absolutely exhausted

About 3 and a half days one new year. That was as helluva come down :grimacing::laughing:


56 hours - pulled an all nighter to get a big bit of coursework done and clean an absolute shithole of a student house before moving out. The new rental didn’t start until the following calendar day so was homeless.

Did 21 year old me check into a cheap hotel, or did I go to a party, cram my face full of MDMA and stay awake until 4pm the next day?

Think I slept for something like 18 straight hours the following day.


Actually don’t think the idea of a hotel even occurred to me

I think about 36hours when i had an all nighter to study but then stayed up to watch a tv show with my housemates then went to my lessons in the morning. Could never do that now, would simply pass out

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