What's the maximum number of fantasy sports teams you've had on the go at any one time?

For a brief, dreadful, period, I’m going to have 6 teams I have to worry about

2 x fantasy cycling (Vuelta)
2 x NFL
2 x football

anyone sorted a decent fantasy alpine skiing competition yet?

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Had 6 during the vuelta last year (2x NFL, 1 regular football, 2 draft football)

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Right now I have:

3 x fantasy football
5 x fantasy NFL (this is too many really)
4 x fantasy cricket

I have dabbled briefly in the cycling, F1 and thought about doing baseball for a bit, but luckily I snapped out of it in time. I also do the weekly fantasy NFL competitions for money.

I spend quite a lot of time thinking about fantasy sport.

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oof. maximum I’ve had in any sport is four (and that’s always been in different formats - eg draft/standard in ff). Five is crazy. Although thinking about it, I also do pick ems and thinking about fantasy survivor this year.


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Two is one too many for me.

I will have two this year :disappointed:

I didn’t mean to have 5. Got 2 DiS ones and a mates one which are the ones I really bother with, then my brother decided to set one up with our American cousins this year, and I’ve got a random ESPN one I took on a whim last year when Trumpet offered it.

For those with more than one per sport, is it multiple teams per Fantasy competition, or one fantasy football team in the official PL version, one in the Sun competition, one in the Telegraph etc.? If the former, why different teams?

3 (1 Fantasy Football, 1 Fantasy Spanish Football, 1 Draft)

Gave up Spanish one after about a month and draft by christmas

I have just one for football and I find that difficult enough to organise.

I’ve no idea how you could manage several.

For me, it depends on the sport.

NFL - you compete against different people depending on which league you’re in, with different rules. Each is unique
Football - All different - FPL, Telegraph and friends draft league.
Cricket - Friends draft league, plus 3 telegraph teams aiming at most wickets, most runs, and overall position respectively.

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i think once i had football, cricket, baseball and NFL teams on the go at the same time, but tbh i very rarely persist with them beyond the first week or two - once did the Premier League one til the end of the season because it was worth a few hundred pounds if you won it. i came 2nd after leading into the final weekend, obviously.