What's the maximum you'd pay for the following things?


bottle of wine

haircut - £20 tops. no need to pay any more if you have dull hair. I’m including £8 London tax in this figure
car - £1k. no need to pay more, imo. door, windows, the ability to play music…that’s all you need
phone - £100. what can a £700 phone do exactly. please don’t answer
bottle of wine - £20. I can tell the difference between a £5 and a £20 pound bottle, but anything above 20 sniffs…nah
pint - £5

please contribute


I’ll contribute £5 towards a better haircut.


Haircut: £60
Car: not a fucking clue
Phone: £200
Bottle of wine: £10
Pint: £6


Haircut £30
Car n/a
Phone never bought one, dunno
Wine £30
Pint £6.50 (current record)


Haircut: £15
Car: £3,500
Phone: £40 p/m
Bottle of wine: £15
Pint: £5


Assuming nil inflation:

haircut: £10. Can’t imagine a scenario where I would have to go somewhere other than my local barber’s (or another in town).
car: £3-4,000. Seems to be the going rate for a used family car that’s not a total shit-heap.
phone: £150 (or however much the latest Moto G is).
bottle of wine: Depends on the context. From a supermarket: £10. From a restaurant: I don’t think I’ve ever paid for than £20 for a bottle*
pint: a fiver seems like an acceptable maximum*

*Excluding situations where there’s no choice but to pay over the odds. If I was at some wanky London pub and my pint came in at £6, I’m unlikely to send it back.


eyes popping out of head emoji thing


haircut £5
car £20,000
phone £200
bottle of wine £15
pint £4.50

I maybe would pay more for those things under certain circumstances but that’s definitely the threshold where I’d start complaining about it


Haircut - £10
Car - No idea. £3,000?
Phone - £150 (just got myself a new Moto G last week, after my last phone stopped working)
Bottle of wine - £7 (drink at home by myself), £10 (drink at home with friends), £20 (drink in a restaurant)
Pint - £5 for a decent bitter in a good local


Yes I may need to re-evaluate this but can’t do that until Dec 2017.


Hey, pay-the-same-price-as-me-for-things twin


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I read marckee’s! As evidenced above. Didn’t read yours though.


You’re quite extravagant when it comes to drinking wine at home, on your own.

I just own the grubby scenario.


haircut -£20
car -£5k
phone -£200
bottle of wine-£25


Don’t get me wrong - it’s usually a fiver. I’d just go up to £10 for a Christmas dinner or something like that.

^Dude, does this guy know how to party


Haircut - Haven’t paid for a haircut since 2007, so I guess zero pounds.
Car - Current car was about £5k which tops my previous max spend of £875 by some margin.
Phone - New-ish phone was £110 (another Moto G user) and I don’t think I’d go much above that.
Bottle of wine - In a shop, assuming we’re talking non sparkling, £20. In a restaurant, £50.
Pint - £6 for something deece…


haircut - £35
car - £15k
phone - £50 p/m
bottle of wine - £100 (but very dependant on occasion!)
pint - £0


i should have typed the names of the things in bold that looks good

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