What's the maximum you'd pay for the following things?


Steady on, £55K…


haircut - £25 for a good one with a massage and wash, or £10 for a normal one
car - we paid £13k for our current new one, but i’d go for a monthly price limit of £300 a month for a car on lease/finance.
phone - £400 for a phablet.
bottle of wine - £10
pint - £5 (and even then I’d be borderline refusing)


Spend £40 a time when I get my hair cut. Would go up to £60 I suppose. Good hair’s important.


Laughing at all the chumps in here with their shit haircuts.


haircut: £30, but my current place charges £8 :heart:
car: absolutely no idea, never bought one
phone: dunno, £300? probably going to need to replace mine soon and I’m dreading it
wine: £10
pint: £6


I used to get my hair cut on a bus


pretty rough school eh?


I think it’s pretty-much impossible to get a men’s haircut for much more than a tenner here.


Last haircut was £28 and was good, so that.

Current car is something like £22k list price, so somewhere around that. Might go marginally flashier next upgrade cycle, but probably not.

Current phone was £300 and is the best one I’ve ever owned, so that.

Wine: £10 if it’s for me, £40 for someone else

Pint: £8


Haircut £25 plus tip in my local gaff
Car £3-4k, less than I’d spend on a bike
Phone £150, but I always get used ones anyway
Bottle of wine In a shop, £18. In a restaurant, £60
Pint Fiver (Peroni is £5.20 round here, erk)


£20 + tip (normally pay £15)


my hairdresser lives around the corner and comes to my house and does a cut and blow dry in 30 minutes for £15. takes about 2 hours in a salon, fuck that.


haircut: £30
car: ?
phone: 35 p/m
wine: £25
pint: £5


enjoying the fact that I’d go for the cheapest haircut and most expensive car

probably says something about me


You wear a racing helmet?


haircut - £30
car - Company at the minute, thinking of swithcing to leasing so that’d be £350 per month
phone - £60 per month
bottle of wine - £50
pint - £21


The answer to the ‘bottle of wine’ is probably ‘a lot, depending entirely on circumstance’.

For the others yeah maybe about right. My current phone - the OnePlus Three, in case you’re interested - cost me about £340 and is fucking excellent. So I guess about that.

Can’t drive so no idea about a car but I assumed you might need spend as much as £12,000?

Beer…much like wine, I will spend a lot on a pint, depending on the pint and the circumstances, but normally I’d go for a ceiling of £6, I guess, but if I paid £6 I’d be looking for a different drink to follow it.


No idea what you’re on about, pal.

Haircut is at my local barber’s and it’s a nice place. Would go up to 40-50 if I got a shave or something as well.

Car is obviously not lump sum, but that’s the max. Current car is only 9k

Phone is dependent on data and usage - my current plan is £50 per month, but that said, it’s half price for 9 months, so having 9 gig of data, tethering and the lot for just £25 is pretty good for me, and meant there was no up front cost for the phone.

Wine, obviously I love, but that’s probably the max (at this time) If I had more I probably would spend more but got to be realistic. That’s obviously for special occasions. Drinking at home £6 - £20 (again dependant on occasion and time of the month, and also my wine membership gets me up to 30% off a lot of wines so that’s for some pretty lovely stuff) out and about £20-£40 for a bottle is perfectly reasonable/expected.

The real mugs here is anyone who pays over like £3.50 for a pint. Fucking embarrassing that.


Why’s everyone talking about buying cars? All about leasing them these days mate. Leasing.

Saying that I bought an old one for £500 and it’s fine.


haircut - £15 maybe? I only get it cut once a year and I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than £10.
car - £1
phone - no idea how much phones are these days
bottle of wine - £15? who knows
pint - £5ish, £6?