What's the most amount of apples you've had in one day


I’ve had 3 today


A quarter of an apple, can’t go them at all, love the taste hate the texture


Dunno, two maybe? Actually maybe more if they’re in something, like a crumble, say.


I don’t like eating apples as they come. The skin feels wrong. I like them in crumbles though.

So, 0?


Probably 3. I love apples and apple flavour things.


When I was on a diet a few years ago all I ate was apples to avoid snacking. Pretty sure I ate 6 in a day once, silly.


Probably three…love an apple


How many apples are there in a big carton of juice?


Be surprised if it’s ever >3.

2 regularly, 3 very rarely.

Pink Lady only mind you.


One Apple makes me poo almost instantly so just one


If you ate 20 apples (in their entirety) you would DIE.

Be careful, Casseroles.