What's the most basic thing you've never done?


Realised the other day that because I dont use umbrellas, I havent ever put one up


your mum


Put petrol in a car (yes, I can drive)

Been to A&E


Drive a car


Had a nosebleed


have you used your tin opener yet?


Used scissors to cut a pizza


I’ve never eaten lunch.

Breakfast yes, dinner yes, but never lunch.


We’re talking basic as in “elementary”, as opposed to the modern use of the word basic?


Flown a kite.


20 GOTO 10


understanding words is pretty basic


Drunk tea or coffee, proper relationship, probably a man baby correlation there


As is understanding that the same word might have more than one meaning.


Not much ambiguity tbf


As you were, then.


When I do I will video it


Never cooked a hard boiled egg. Why have one hard boiled when all the other ways are better?


fucking up a soft boiled egg is a pretty good reason to have a hard boiled egg.

or making scotch eggs

think that’s it though.


Been to a (professional) football match. Suck it.