What's the most clothes you've worn at once?


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When I’ve gone to watch hockey/football matches in the middle of winter I know I get so cold sitting still outside, so I’ve worn tights, 2 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of socks, boots, a vest, a base layer, a fleecy jumper, a ski jacket with padded liner, 2 pairs of gloves and a hat. And then put a blanket on top. And still been too cold. Not sure I can wear any more than that.

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Oh my Gnome Do we played a game where I had to answer questions and put a pair of knickers on for each question I answered (didn’t seem to matter if I was right or wrong), I think I ended up with 20 pairs of pants on, all bought brand new, increasibg in size as we went along.
It was like wearing a concrete diaper and of course I needed a wee as soon as the last one went on.

Nb. this was in a private field, not in a pub or anything.


At the Reading Festival - around 2006? It was so cold in my tent at night that I put on just about every item of clothing I had with me. Went into town the next morning and picked up a cheap duvet.

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trying to beat the weight restrictions at the airport, few jumpers, two jackets

oh yeah this. sleeping bag got robbed one year at a festival. it was grim

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winter of discontent 2010 - used to sleep under two sleeping bags and a duvet, wearing jumper, 2 t shirts, thermal leggings my work gave me and a pair of socks.

did anyone else find winter 2010 ridiculously cold?

Not that many. Probably just t-shirt, jumper, coat, pants, trousers, socks. Maybe with a woolly hat on top. Don’t get that cold tbh.

dunno why, but the term ‘private field’ has done me a bit.



Oh god this reminds me of early October when I did a little trip to the national parks of Utah and Arizona. Scorching during the day and then we camped near Bryce Canyon which I think is at a much higher altitude - was so cold I had to take every item of clothing out of my bag and either put it on or stuff it in my sleeping bag. The poor Malaysian girl I shared a tent with was so cold she cried all night.

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yeah. I’d have to sit in my sleeping bag to watch tv.

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7 (seven)

I’m currently wearing a scarf, winter coat, jumper, uniqlo heattech extra warm long sleeved top, vest top, underwear, jeans, shoes. This is what I’ve been wearing all day. Although this isn’t the most clothes I’ve worn, it might be the most clothes I’ve ever worn in June, IN MY OFFICE. I’m cold. Fuck air conditioning.

final night on Kilimanjaro, in a tent with thermals, trousers, boot socks, over trousers, fleece, ski jacket, wooly hat, in zipped up sleeping bag. Still fucking freezing.