What's the most community.drownedinsound.com thing?

  • Not liking popular thing
  • Thing someone else really likes ‘is shit’, as is person by proxy
  • ‘m9’
  • Tory label brandishing
  • Acronym with actual words either side
  • Generally a great bunch of people helping each other procrastinate their way through the ‘working’ day

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I think it’s passive-aggressive options in polls


Hey, the nice one’s nearly winning.

Touché though.

well it is a nice place but the thing that characterises this place over other forums on the internet I’ve seen is the polls really.

I think the polls are probably the worst bit. Nice idea, but usually used for

  • Agree with me
  • You’re a tory

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Cues up VT of DiSers dancing at Zonino

they can definitely be fun though and revealing!

Can’t believe nearly everybody likes lame ass creepy peep-show.

in fact I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the whole site who doesn’t like it.

I don’t like it when they kiss/have sex, it’s very uncomfortable being that close to any of that cast. Everything else is super.

pissing bed sheets probably

Peep Show is amusing enough but there’s absolutely no reason to go back and watch it more than once


Using “Tory” as a pejorative is…

  • The epitome of high-brow wit
  • Embarrassingly student politics
  • Neither of the above, but pretty stupidly overused on DiS
  • Haha…fuck off, Tory boy

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oh wow you’re going to be that guy?

Can we just talk about this turn of events.

The system is biased.

people absolutely need to be called out when they are aligning themselves with right-wing politics. If we can’t even fight and win that battle of hearts and minds on a forum for appreciating music/the arts where can we?

Haha, of course. But liking Peep Show/anything like that does not make someone ‘a tory’. It’s very silly.

no liking peep show doesn’t make you a tory but liking only fools and horses does

No, it doesn’t. I don’t like Only Fools and Horses because I don’t find it very funny. If people do like it, it’s because they find it funny.

Voting for the Conservative party makes you a Tory.


Can’t argue with that logic!

Still, intelligent people shouldn’t be lazy enough to dismiss things like comedy as just funny/not funny.

We should all take time to appraise our tastes on a political level and think about the views and themes they are promoting.

Is this post satire?

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