What's the most community.drownedinsound.com thing?

absolutely not.

Of course it is exhausting to do this your whole life and I don’t think that’s really necessary to do so but every now and then we need to engage.

You were trolling here and didn’t give an adequate answer for me in the poll so I am explaining.

I get where you’re coming from when you say

but not when you use it in the context of defending the use of “Tory” on DiS, particularly in polls.

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Liking the popular thing because it’s expected of you not to like the popular thing.

well sometimes it is used poorly, other times not. I wouldn’t use it as a joke in a poll because I don’t make joke answers in polls, it just means everyone will vote for the joke answer anyway.



Not true - as per Mistersteve’s example above, it’s often just used as the “wrong” choice in a two-choice poll. Doesn’t mean everyone votes for it as a joke answer.

State of this

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well then that’s a misleading poll which I cannot get behind.

here we go lads!


(I instantly regretted this thread)

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nah, it doesn’t really matter :slight_smile:

Getting upset when people dont like the same things :sob:



Don’t mind it all to be tbh honest, m9.

Anyone ever done it outside of these walls? I did it once and everyone just thought I’d fucked up.

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Yes, I did it on my most recent charity holiday and it became a thing that people thought was funny and bought into.

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Great work.

Some excellent new ones were coined.

Nah whoever said PIN number or ATM machine first did

edit: forget that, I’m talking shit.

Here’s one though.

RSVP please.

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