What's the most disappointing thing to happen to you so far this week?

For me, the pack of bakery cookies I picked up at lunchtime have been overbaked to the point they snap like ginger nuts. The front of the pack promised me soft and chewy bakes, not teeth splinteringly hard ones!

How about you?

That stupidly spicy ramen I just had.

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Not been able to get tidal working on my new mercedes


was gonna WFH - but came into the office when I realised I had a face to face meeting

When I arrived at the the office I got an update saying the meeting would now be a call (presumably cos the person running it has decided to WFH)

disappointing and I have basically burnt petrol for no good reason

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I’m on the train home from work having decided to just manage this afternoon from home and try to feel better, but my Surface isn’t switching on which is a total PITA as i need to get a document out. Fuckssake.

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I’ve managed to boot it up using the 30 second pressing down of the power button technique. :hot_face:


Once again my darn delivery has been mishandled by the couriers (third set of couriers, fourth attempt at delivery) so I’ve had to waste my own time trying to get them to sort it out. Apparently my parcel is, simply, lost in the warehouse. They’ve scanned it in, but lost it. I was initially angry, but now I’m just disappointed.

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washed my car yesterday and a bird shat on it immediately


I dragged myself out of bed early for an international call despite being exhausted after spending a large chunk of the weekend cooking, and the guy didn’t pick up the phone :expressionless:

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Is this still your turtleneck?

Man just wants a warm neck :(((



Get 12 months free tidal with it


think this is one of my favourite one-twos on here for a while.

can’t believe you posted a picture of your mercedes :smiley:


Ah no, that arrived on part three of the delivery (after they sent one to some flat near my house and couldn’t retrieve it). I’m actually wearing that now, it’s nice and warm. No, this is my annual jeans. Nothing flash, just a couple pairs of everyday jeans so I can relegate one existing pair to scrubbers and patches and the other to shorts in the summer. But no, apparently I can’t have them.


Fuck it. Wanted some Tory points.

Off back to the politics thread to go on about a the virtues of violent socialist revolution


My chromebook seems to be knackered. No more watching films in the bath for ol’ colossalhorse.


This reads like your second sentence explains the first :wink:


That second bag of crisps i had with my lunch.

Unnecessary, gratuitous and ultimately unflattering.

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I should have known it couldn’t float forever. Rookie error.

(The screen just died for no reason.)