What's the most disappointing thing to happen to you so far this week?


So you could say the biggest disappointment is only having irks and not being able to join in the thread?


Bought a bag of cranberries & raisin mix from Lidl, wolfed down most of the bag already, and now I feel a bit unwell from eating too many.


WFH and hit rudely awoken by the door. Some sherrif officers trying to find an ex-resident.


Waking up hungover.

On a Monday.


Ordered some Granny Smith apples in the online shopping. Pretty sure the one I ate today was actually a Golden Delicious.


Went in really late yesterday because a BT engineer was supposed to be coming to finally sort my broadband at home. Had to be in at 12:00 for a meeting however which meant risking missing the BT engineer, went in for 12:00 and the meeting got cancelled. BT engineer didn’t turn up. Still don’t have broadband or TV.


Me and my gf were planning on going away at the end of the month for a festival, she’s just found out her annual leave request was denied so can’t go. Thankfully can get a refund on accommodation which was the most expensive part, but pretty gutted all the same.


I tried lobster bisque for the first time ever and I didn’t like it and felt a bit ill afterwards


Cars are really horrible things no offence


Never has a fruit been so misnamed as the golden “delicious”


None taken. Wouldn’t buy one myself but I have to go to places that I can’t easily get to on public transport so work give me a car.