What's the most distinguished building you've done a shit in?

i’ve done one in Belfast City Hall and one in Manchester Central Library. a couple in Leeds City Museum. i definitely went to the toilet in Glasgow Museum of Modern Art but i can’t remember if i done a shit or not.

i’m talking about in the toilet really but i will accept ones you’ve done on the floor or a ledge.

The former winter palace of Queen Mother Emma of the Netherlands, a couple of days ago.

Did a shit in a castle in Milan last year

Or the Maritshuis, the day before that.

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In a convent in York.

Up the Shard (steady) I think.

Need to think, although I did leave a coil in the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s loo of choice this morning.

I think with VR coming on in leaps and bounds, soon you’ll be able to do a shit in any building in the world!

(please bear in mind you are actually shitting in your front room so close the curtains and put some newspaper down)


The toilets in belfast city hall really are splendid

many many shits in the Lanyon Building of Queens University as well, and a few in the Ulster Museum.

i’m sure there must be more

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Shit view:

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portaloo at Leeds Fest


Probably @anon50098204’s house.


Sick burn on casa del nikkers.


Warnie’s gaff has an electronic gate.

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Fucking hell, didn’t realise I’d chatted about Part Chimp with royalty.


looking forward to @fappable’s contributions

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I remember doing a shit at Glastonbury once, where I could hear Slash playing Sweet Child O’ Mine on the Pyramid Stage. I thought it ironic at the time as I was having a shit, not a slash!!111!


If I recall correctly, I have pissed at Buckingham Palace, but not shat. Bother.

The UN building in Geneva

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