What's the most embarrassing email address / username you've ever had?


Would you like the password too :grinning:


What was your security question bb

It was what was your first c

Wait a minute!

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My anime ones from 2001-2004ish back when I had no idea how the Japanese language worked, and pronounced stuff like purachina as pew-ra-china when actually it’s the romanised version of the Japanese pronunciation of platinum and sounds closer to pra-chi-na. Anyway my dumbass self used a lot of Japanese sounding words borrowed from anime and mashed them together thinking I did something. I was saved in 2005 when I saw someone had a gmail account and I begged for an invite and began my classy gmail ways with my real name and and a more anonymised version with my initials which I still use today

Oh god :joy:

I just remembered that when I did a work placement at IBM, their internal chat tool (some Lotus Notes shit) had a free text thing for your status. I set mine to


because I was listening to a lot of dEUS at the time and thought it was cool and subversive. All of the middle aged men in IBM must have been so impressed.

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Aw Lotus Notes! Did you have a picture as your avatar? Crayons? Maybe a shell?

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I don’t remember that well, I don’t remember there being an option for a picture of any sort

my first email address (circa 1998 hotmail) contained some of these lyrics from a Bloodhound Gang song

Uhh, that was creepy
I would rather slurp rancid tuna salad out of my own ass
Or scour my boobies off with a rusty S O S pad
Or hump a piece of splintered balsa wood

tries to avoid attention


hump a piece of hotmail

MC Hammer of the Gods


one of my backup email addresses for my main email is apparently “poopoodoctor”

can’t remember when I started this email and I don’t know the password for it

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It’s a lyric from The Stills song Gender Bombs.

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choice between starpuddle@hotmail.com or darklava which was my go-to username for e.g. blogging/journal sites. Reckon Starpuddle probably edges it for embarrassment but darklava takes the crown on pretentiousness