What's the most famous building in the world?

the great wall took 200 years to build, but its not a building :roll_eyes:

It’s a built?



it has an apartment at the top

Think it has to have walls

so any good ice cream stall is a building.

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Thinking this is the first time I have ever accidentally voted in a poll on this site. How do I unvote?

you don’t - it becomes part of your internet life and when new new dis starts it will still be here on new dis for all to see

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Shit. Better make sure I get it right then.

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The Great Wall is absolutely definitively not a building jfc peoples, it’s a glorified shelf.

*International Space Monument


is a raft a building?

The less said about Ten Walls the better

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Imagine if you commissioned a building and came round and they’d built a single fucking wall. You’d be irked is what

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just imagining a bunch of trump supporters standing near a building site shouting ‘build that wall build that wall’ at a brickie as he works.

should have sold this idea to barleysugar

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The last time I was in New York, I visited this place where legendary 60s songs were recorded. Can’t remember its name but loved it, was a brill building.

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OOOH sounds like we have a new winner!!!

  • Some recording studio in new York
  • Taj mahal

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Couldn’t even describe the empire state building to you in much detail


It’s no Rockerfella building