What's the most famous building in the world?

It’s no Rockerfella building

Railways take bastard ages to build too. You saying you want to live in one?

You’re all overthinking this.

Your mum

M&M World

surely anything that is built is a building

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Burj Oxo


It’s the pyramids. Easily.

The Flatiron building.

anything that’s cooked is a cookie

You’d think so, but look at the Eiffel Tower.

that’s true

Lego sets get built but they’re still toys

I think

a toy can be a building

Iconic and famous are not the same thing. Lot of iconic shit in this thread.

I don’t think so. A toy can be a structure but a building surely must have some sense of ‘place’

And a restaurant

A toy definitely couldn’t be a restaurant.