What's the most impressive thing you've ever successfully guessed?

Earlier this morning, I successfully guessed the year that Marks and Spencer first opened. Beat that!

I once won a giant jar of Jelly Belly jelly beans by guessing the correct number of beans (I think there were 1200-odd in there and I was two out).

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Mate of mine once said “Guess which footballer I’m thinking of” and I guessed that it was Stig Tofting straight away, first guess.

Says “successfully guessed” m8


So you didn’t guess correctly then.



No but I guessed successfully:

(crap photo but you can see how happy I was)


beginning and end years of both cod wars at my work christmas quiz 3 years ago.

Fish or FPS?


the amount of grains of rice in kilo bag. was within 2500.

some night that was, I can tell ya

Do you mean “guessed” or “deduced by systematic evaluation of possible outcomes and their relative likelihoods”? Because there’s this card game called Android: Netrunner that’s all about making educated guesses about hidden information and

it smells

no u

true enough

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There was a quite annoying lad on the first night of uni halls in our block of flats who decided it would be fun to do a game of 20 questions for people to work out his name (?). I asked if it was Howard and I was right and that was the start and end of the game


whilst my reaction to that proposal would have been thus:


And now he’s in take that

remember when a group of psychology students tried an experiment where they were getting people to guess how many marbles were in a big jar. the idea was that when you went to write your answer down they had all these other guesses that were all WAY above what should have been in there and they were trying to see if you would revise your answer to fit in with what everyone else had guessed.

apparently i was one of the very few that didn’t revise my answer. was quite proud of that.

dunno if i was right or not though so this story is sort of pointless

Someone in a pub once said to me “I bet you a pint i’ve got your name tattoed on my arse” and I agreed that he probably did have, and he kept repeating it and getting more angry and I kept agreeing and being correct


he really wanted to show you his bottom didn’t he?

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