What's the most in advance you've bought a ticket for something?

State of this. Two fucking years away, ffs. How organised would you have to be.

Probably an early-bird for the next edition of a festival I’ve just attended, so just under a year?

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Seeing Young Fathers at the end of the month, pretty sure we were still in the grip of Winter VII when that went on sale

Olympics and the Euros were at least 18 months in advance

He’s in his 70s. Bit of a gamble booking now innit.


Booked to see The Cure just over a year in advance. Had a real “what the fuck have I done with this year?” contemplation session when it rolled around.

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Remind me of this



War Horse theatre tickets about 18months early.

Trip to Mars in 2024, obviously.

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Probably The Cure as said above by someone else. Remember booking Oasis tickets for a similar lead time back in the day.
Stick a fiver on Elton to be dead before those shows.

remember when he did this

Bought tickets to King Crimson on 1st December 2017, the concert is tomorrow night…

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The Cure at Wembley Arena a few years back- I think it was 13 months in advance. Not a great show either until the final encore. Robert Smith looked like he’d died 5 days previously.


They’re great

Bought some tickets for Ross Noble a few years back (they weren’t for him, they were for me. He was going to be on stage, so didn’t need a ticket). I thought it was a month or two away, but it turned out it was 13 or 14 months away.

Don’t generally do this but I bought tickets for the London date of the cancelled Deerhunter tour about 7/8 months in advance iirc?

About 4 months in advance?

Bloody love Elton.

Hamilton, 13 months in advance.

Dunno, but it’s normally a coin toss on whether or not I bother to go to anything I buy a ticket for.