What's the most interesting thing you can see from where you're sitting?


I can see a massive two floor extension being built onto a house. They’ve started with the roof first!


Fucking hell


u wot m8?!



It was meant to say “most interesting”.



My cat


A tattie scone and hash brown roll which I am eating.


I’d have thought they’d have built it from the ground up!




This fluffball, extravagantly licking her bum.


A cuddly Panda toy perched in a small fake white tree


Can’t see it anymore.


Might just have another so I can see it again.


Filth thread was yesterday, pal.


A couple of smashed up vans in the yard


if i tilt my head i can see the house opposite’s front door through the blinds


Peter Blake’s terrible print of The Beatles


Any noteworthy features about the door?


they’ve paid to have a posh one put in. pvc frontage, but really, really fancy door. it’s coated wood painted black, not plastic. puts the rest of the street to shame. the rest of the street, well, we’ve all got white upvc doors.


also, they had a BIG RED BOW on the front of it for christmas. a bow!!! like their house was a present.