What's the most obscure thing you've battered?

Just seen someone share a photo of a battered chip and curry sauce butty from the local chippy. Not gonna lie, it looked quite nice.

Battered pizza, or “pizza crunch”, seems to be a thing in Scotland. Had it a few times when I lived there, wasn’t particularly impressed. For me, pizza is as much about the sauce as it is the cheese, and deep frying the pizza tends to dry it out a little too much.

Battered Creme Eggs are pretty good. Can also recommend a battered Mars Bar with ice cream. Wonder if a battered Mars Ice Cream would work?

What’s the most obscure thing you’ve battered?

The guy in my year who tried to crush a Wotsit in my face


a penny


It’s like every one of your posts is designed purely to piss me off :wink:

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Pizza crunches are shite. I’ve never battered anything myself but I used to ask for a battered smoked sausage from the chippy which was often noted as a weird request. Really good though.

Tell me more about this battered roll and chips. Was the whole thing battered?

England women’s football team manager Phil neville, here


Yer m…oh. I had a battered creme egg?

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Mad how there are huge regional differences between what’s normal on a chippy menu. Battered smoked sausage is a staple round here. This thing is basically chips and curry sauce in a butty, which has then been battered and deep-fried:


Fuck off


That looks like a bad version of something that is potentially very good. Would try.

bit of a waste of time

Pizza, burger, creme egg, Mars Bar, take yo pick

Aye, probably just a proof of concept that one. I reckon it’s the sort of thing that tastes nicer than it looks.

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Might get a fucking chippy tonight now ffs. This place.


Here’s a video https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe6GQFUu/

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I’ve asked for a roll and chips with curry sauce on it before and it was a fucking nightmare to eat, obviously. This looks like it could be more manageable.

had pizza crunch for lunch every other day at school

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Yes I’d quite enjoy that.

I used to get two rolls and fritter and a can of Red Kola for £1.20. Don’t get value like that these days.