What's the most pointless autobiography you've read?

For some reason a memory came to me yesterday of when I received for Christmas and then read a copy of Chris Moyles’ autobiography


Richard Osman.


Gary Barlow

No wait, Richard Hammond

Also read Billie Piper’s around the same time but that was good


I did once start reading Brendan off Coach Trip’ autobiography but thought that was going too far


Alexander Armstrong

Have read so many fucking boring footballers autobiographies. The worst was probably Stanley Matthews.

Someone apparently with a very low opinion of me gave me Mark Chapman’s “Heroes, Hairbands and Hissy Fits: Chappers’ History of Modern Football”, which is partly autobiographical, but mostly him whining about how football isn’t as good as it used to be. Read about half out of duty, then it went in the bin. Dire self pitying drivel.

Another person thought I might want to read about Alan Brazil’s life and times, but I really did not.

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Came here to say the Chris Moyles one too @TKC

Pointless, time I’m not getting back AND he bad mouths Stoke-on-Trent in it…I will never forgive that.

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We must be the only two readers


Soooooo many football ones, so many

David Mitchell’s memoir is completely without drama or jeopardy. Tbf he admits up front that he’s had a comfortable life and the only moment of real interest is how he got together with Victoria Coren, but still, not exactly a page turner.


Quite probably!

His chapter about living in Stoke on Trent was titled something like “It’ll be nice when it’s finished”. :yawning_face:

I wasn’t a fan of him really before i read it, definitely wasn’t afterwards.

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David Copperfield. Didn’t mention his magic once.


Loads of football ones. Also Tony McCoy.

Mention how he came up with the crisps?

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I read Alan Shearer’s when I was about 8, at which point he’d only just signed for Newcastle.

I read Miles To Go by Miley Cyrus, released when she was 16, took about 90 mins to read and was obviously all made up.

Reading about how the worst day of her life was that she went to the White House but there was 1 (one) spot on her chin and was like “wow she’s just like me”.