What's the most recent album that you'd give a 10/10 to?



Nah, I get what you mean.

I sometimes think, in contrast to a number of the albums mentioned here, would Phil be particularly pleased to know a number of people would give the album 10/10? I doubt it.


Angel Olsen - My Woman


The thing that always surprises me (on the rare occasions when I can bring myself to listen to it) is that it makes me angry rather than sad.

It makes me feel angry about a) death in general and b) the American healthcare system which kind of forced him to record and release the LP in order to fund his dead wife’s healthcare.

So so powerful and I guess will stay with me a lot longer than other records I love right now.


Really? If there was a whelm, I was well under it (each to their own mind!)…


It will (quite rightly) be named the album of the decade when the time comes I think, not only for its quality but also its timing.


Nothing from last year in a 10 (Touche Amore’s is awesome though)
From 2015, other than TPAB, I do still really love Viet Cong S/T and Heaven is Earth by Self Defense Family


Yeah, same. They’re my only two true 10/10s this decade. Can think of a load from the 2000s




^correct answer


Ones and Sixes


Really? I love Low…but not sure I could call any of their albums 10/10…just a shedload of 8s and 9s


Everything about it just works for me… tend not to think of albums in terms of n/10 but if I get to the end without skipping any tracks or waiting for any to end every time I listen to it without fail then it’s pretty much perfect in my eyes


Most recent would be Benji.

Since 2010 - Dark Fantasy, Good Kid Maad City and The Dark, Dark Bright by There Will Be Fireworks.


Shaking the Habitual for me I think.


Everything Now


Then you are a generous (if not very discerning) reviewer!


Agree with PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake

other choices would probably be

Stara Rzeka - Zamknęły się oczy ziemi

which was my favourite album of 2015 absolute labyrinthine and wonderful and Helen Money - Become Zero which I genuinely think is her best album so far and for an instrumental record has an incredible amount of raw emotion.


Love u honeybear by FJM


Don’t know if I have (m)any 10/10 albums, but the most recent candidate would probably be Gardens Of Delete by Oneohtrix Point Never…


hhmm tough, maybe Angel Olsen - My Woman