What's the most recent album that you'd give a 10/10 to?



This decade:
2014 - Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire… (I love it even more than My Woman)
2012 - BMSR - Cobra Juicy (I just adore this record and still play it loads; not a duff song on it)
2010 - Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest (I’ve even come around to “Sailing”)


I assumed TPAB was to Pimp a Butterfly FWIW.

I was referencing Attack on Memory, Here and Nowhere Else, Warpaint and Rooms of the House.


Considered this one too. New one might actually be better!


I think people were trying to avoid the “pump” typo but didn’t get very far


That Warpaint St is so good


Yep, neither can I (having looked for it!..


Hollow Meadows by Richard Hawley. Sublime.


Ah ha, don’'t know how you link to a post in another thread, but here’s my thoughts on the matter (Joshua Tree thread):

I’d say a 7 is fair. It has 1/3 really good tracks (immortalised by use on TV / ads / films). 1/3 good tracks and the remainder is a bit fillery. That said, I find most albums DiS gives 8 feel like 7s. What criteria do you have for say an 8 (4 stars) or a 10 (5 stars)?

I’d say a 10 is:

every track individually represents brilliant songwriting (either in melody or lyrics)
the tracks are perfectly sequenced
there are no tracks you could consider dropping (i.e. the album is just the right length)
the album does something ‘new’ for music
I’d have a 9 as all of the above, but without being original.

I’d have an 8 as 80% of the album being very good or good (e.g. the XX’s debut, which for me fell off at the end).

A 7 has a noticeable dip over a few tracks, despite being generally really good. I think there are a lot of 7s on DiS that get 8s. There are far too many 8s.

Too many 8s, right?!


Down I Go - You’re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You


So, on this front, the following albums that I REALLY love that still fall short of a 10

Twilight Sad - Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters (mindblowing first half and amazing closer, dips a bit after Talking with Fireworks) 8/10 (cos it has 9 tracks, nearly a 7)
Grimes - Visions (amazingly uplifting and fairly original, one or 2 piss about too much for my liking) 9/10
Panda Riot - Northern Automatic Music (faultless from a tune, sequencing and length point of view, not original) 9/10 (same goes for Tamaryn’s - The Waves and Jon Hopkins’s Immunity)

In terms of actual 10/10s, looking through my favourites of the last few years, I’d say:

Rozi Plain - Joined Sometimes Unjoined
Rachael Dadd - We Resonate

both meet my criteria above (both are unsual / experimental enough folk to tick the original box). They all play with This Is The Kit too, so if you like the letter, you shiould definitely check them out…f*ck it’s hard typing on a train…


The question/topic was what would YOU give… not what “should” or whatever


What’s everyone’s beef with ‘Sailing’!!! Great track…




(kidding- i like it, and some of the songs are 10/10, but personally i wouldnt put it any higher than too bright or whatever)


this is just a ‘bands you like’ thread, isn’t it


Beach House “Bloom” is a 10/10 and that was 2012.

I almost agree with PJHarvey “Let England Shake” but reckon it’s a 9.5/10


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Yer coz Bitter Branches is balls


Perfect! Thanks for digging that out. I think the originality criteria makes it really hard to score a 10, which is as it should be.

Turn on the Bright Lights and The Loon are two (not necessarily the most recent) which I’d have previously been tempted to be rate as 10s, but just fall short on the orginality front.

Probably Get to Heaven & Benji.


While arguing about systems for classifying music is obviously utterly pointless I guess it’s why we’re all here. If 10 is the absolute pinnacle, then I don’t see that there can be any more than 2 or 3 ever made and if a new one comes out that’s better then the other ones have to get moved down a notch.

So, probably the Richard D James album for me. Whenever that was? 1996 or something.