What's the most recent album that you'd give a 10/10 to?



Let me know what you think …





Sun Kil Moon - Benji. I adored the record at the time, it soundtracked the many train journeys to see somebody special.

I still adore the record but I can no longer listen to it as it just makes me sad for what I now miss.


first one definitely. second peaks and dips a bit for me


Hadn’t heard La Dispute before so I just downloaded that album. Sounds great so far - very Paper Chasey!


Should have waited for 69 before taking this.


lol actually yeah, i’d easily give TWFM a 10


i took it at 65 and tagged ant in reference to our mutual appreciation of the band 65daysofstatic, but i appreciate your feedback nonetheless, theo :smiley:


If I stuck to this, I don’t think I’d be able to give any album a 10. There are always moments or tracks that don’t 100% work. I don’t agree with those who say to get 10/10 you need absolute perfection…I’m with those ITT who say that it’s about something more intangible than that. I think the point you made about an album doing something “new” for music (or, at least, changing my own perspective on music) is the closest to that feeling.

All the albums I listed I feel are both subjectively and sort of objectively 10/10 records. Like, there are albums I absolutely love and can’t fault (e.g. Hammock’s Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow), but I don’t think they have enough widespread appeal to be a bona fide classic…hence they get a 9.







Joanna Newsom / Divers - cured my previous allergic reaction to her music and am still a bit awed by it after so many listens


I think you can only be subjective in these things. As soon as you try and apply objectivity in the sense of ‘does it have widespread appeal’ you back yourself into a corner where you can only really offer up the usual suspects like Rubber Soul, DSOTM etc on your all time best of lists, despite not necessarily caring much about them personally.

I like the funkycow scale, but don’t think it should be so stringently applied or demand such perfection that a 10 is effectively unattainable. Otherwise the scale may as well stop at 9. If you’d put it in your top 1% of albums you’ve ever heard, it’s probably worth a 10.


I disagree, purely because my idea of “widespread appeal” isn’t just albums that are already universally praised…rather it’s just a woolly concept about how I could imagine a wide variety of people enjoying it. It’s a hard thing to define…which makes this whole debate seem even sillier…but it’s a feeling that separates something like Kaputt from the aforementioned Maybe They Will Sing for us Tomorrow (at least in my mind).


2015 had a big old crop of them for me; Kenny - TPAB, Sufjan - Carrie & Lowell, Susanne Sundfor - Ten Love Songs, Young Fathers - White Men Are Black Men Too, Bjork - Vulnicura, Joanna Newsom - Divers.

2016 had a couple that were just shy of the mark, namely Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Kanye and Anderson .Paak


im not, like, their intern or anything, but their label BSM is having another pay what you want week on bandcamp, theres a shitload of good stuff on there


I have massive massive love for both DC and TYLS too.

But Bloom really is a 10/10 for me. I think it’s a perfect album because genuinely there isn’t one song on that album that I think is better than any other - I like them all equally the same and it’s one of my favourite records. I think they absolutely nailed it completely on Bloom. What a record and what a band. Have already told my wife and kids that “On the Sea” is to be played at my funeral :joy:


Mutilator Defeated At Last


There are plenty of days where I’d agree with that. However every once in a while I play it and there are 1 or 2 tracks that drag, so for that reason I put it with the 9.5s rather than the 10s.

The five I listed as 10/10 don’t have a track between them which I don’t :heart:️.


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