What's the most recent thing you got wrong?


Huh, just realised that The Mummy didn’t star Nathan Fillion but some other guy called Brendan Fraser. Weird!

How about you?


Literally just sent an email with the word “ass” instead of “see” :thumbsup:


what like “please ass attached”?!


Thought it was the 19th today. Like a fucking twat.


Whatever my last post on here was (if we’re including typos)


nah typos are just human nature


this is now making me wonder what other films I’ve incorrectly cast


I believe the phrase went “I can ass”…


Oh Spike Island is on iplayer at the moment and I brought it up yesterday (I’m an extra in it) and I said about being on screen with Emilia Clarke and I said she was already famous by then from Game of Thrones but apparently she wasn’t.

Thinly veiled you can watch me acting in iplayer now.


Tbf Fillion would have been better in the Mummy. It is they who incorrectly cast Fraser.


I said that Snow White might turn into a pumpkin, got my Disney all mixed up didn’t I


was so sure it was him too


idk if this is accepted wisdom or if i get to be indie, but the mummy is a really entertaining film.


was having a conversation about Hidden in a pub on friday and repeatedly referred to Audrey Tautou being in it but I meant Juliette Binoche. What a plum



Nice to ass you earlier. Here are the documents you requested.



meths and amss


never seen it just trailers and remember it vaguely being a thing when I was younger


woaah, what was your role!?




I was just an extra but also a ‘hero girl’ so when you do a bit more than just stay in the background.

So, I’m mostly just sat in the pub in the background, I then have to get off with the guy who played the fat orange man in the You’ve Been Tangoed ads :smiley: And finally I walk in on the arm of one of the ‘stars’ (definitely not a star as he’s in it for a few minutes if that).

The film is awful. I’ll post screenshots so you don’t have to put yourself through the pain of watching it.