What's the most satisfying thing you've done so far today?


I just got a really wiry eyebrow hair out with my thumb and forefinger, so it’s going to be difficult to top that.


picked a scab off my earlobe :ok_hand:


Was ready to walk to work but a bus pulled up just as a I passed the stop, so took that opportunity. Good decision.


hit the snooze button


Man I had a great couple of days picking off the scab on my arm from my recent crash. Substantial


Washed all the knuckle tattoos that I applied using a Sharpie last night off my hands.


Massive poo


Bought and drank a cappuccino :coffee:


Eaten some peanut butter toast


Put my liquid eyeliner on as perfect as I can get it in one go. YAS.


Just had a good stretch.


I recently bought a felt tip eyeliner. what a revelation! no more hard pencils or liquid all in my eye!


Made a really good coffee. Using the office espresso machine is still a hit or miss process for me, so getting it bang on is always a nice achievement.


Scalded myself making coffee just as someone asked me how I was today so, thinking quickly, said “Oh, at the point of self-harming.”

Ho ho ho.


i bought (and am now eating) some dried cranberries


Well, the only way is up from here.


Hoovered my room for the first time in ages. I now have a nice clean floor :relaxed:


u wot?


Cranberries are the devil’s fruit.


I use this -

I’ve always used liquid, I can’t get the hang of felt tip ones!