What's the most severely punishable crime you've done and not been caught


Leaving out drugs possession cause that’s obvious. I’m going to have a poo and get my chilli con carne cooking and there better be some good responses in here when I get back


Not sure poo is a standard ingredient for chili con carne




You’re not going to catch me out that way government man


Drug possession is not that punishable in most cases I’d imagine. Not compared to some of the shit I’ve got away with I tell the


Taxation fraud probs


moral turpitude




Accidentally stole a 7Up from Wilkos once




Isn’t there one of those old laws where The Queen is allowed to pass the death sentence for someone offing a swan?


Wearing brown shoes with a suit


Supposedly. I think it is only swans on a certain stretch of the Thames. That is where I do most of my killing.


i thought the queen could bump whoever she wants


*bump nasty


nice try, narc