What's the most shocked you've ever been?





Two lesbians, colleagues probably.


Tocuhed at electric fence once in Ireland, felt like I’d been punched in the heart.

It’s had an effect on your typing too.

Benoit maybe.

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Is electric fence some hip young club

The dotcor told me there woudl be no lasting impact.


9/11, when the first tower collapsed, probably.

Yeah, I was pretty desensitised by the time #2 came down.


one that sticks in my mind was when ayrton senna died, dunno why really, I was quite young and don’t even like f1.


Mine involves death so ASCII shrug I guess.

I guess it was when i was knocked off my bike on my way home one day in year 8. i remember some of my hair falling out.

yeah, probably when i found out a guy I was mates with when in my teens and used to hang out with a lot had been killed in pretty horrendous car crash - bike/lorry.
Have a great day everyone!


Hm. From the old days of the forum:

Then something odd happened. The grey, smoke-shrouded silhouette changed. It was so orderly, so tidy and the resulting dust cloud made it difficult to tell what was going on. Everyone went silent - so silent that you could hear the shouting and screaming through people’s phones and headphones. Then people did start to panic. We tried to call home to let people know that we were okay, and that we weren’t going to be on our flight home. Unfortunately everyone was phoning each other, and the only person that we could get through to was my mate’s mum who had no idea what was going on and didn’t realise that everyone else’s families were in a bit of a flap. The decision was then taken to evacuate the airport, but before anything could happen, the second tower went down. Was this as much of a shock? Yes, I think it was. It wasn’t totally clear what had happened to the first tower – as odd as it may sound, those sitting at home watching the television probably knew what has happening better than we did – but with the second tower there was no doubt, and turning around for a last look as we were being marshalled out of the room just as it went down made it feel even more like the world was coming down around our heads.

My mate’s sister’s heart stopped on a night out and she died before the ambulance could get to her. She was 19 years old.

you’re just after a bit of scandalous gossip, you gossipmonger