What's the most shocked you've ever been?

No I want to hear everyone’s tragedies, obviously.


This was my choice. Was the first episode I’d watched live in about 3 years and had read about him missing the PPV - the graphic and then the realisation during the show what had happened was proper unsettling

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Ummmmmmmmmmmmm the first time I remember properly being overwhelmingly shocked was that bit in ER with the helicopter on the roof. you know the bit I mean


Second would’ve been jackos death.

ooh another good one - in spooks when they boiled lisa faulkner’s head in a deep fat fryer that was quite shocking, wasn’t expecting that from a 9pm midweek bbc drama


probably when i found out people cut pizzas with scissors


yeah, fucked up. With this guy as well he was such a happy, bubbly guy, which seemed to make it much worse. Like If I dropped dead tomorrow people would be all “well, he was quite old…and also a really, really miserable, misanthropic prick, so, what kind of spread we got at this funeral then, holla!”

Mine was either on Friday when my friend lit up a joint in a taxi, or today when I saw someone on the overground I had a brief fling with - who ignored me, and has a wedding ring on.

Are you me?

And also me

he was trying to sneak into electric picnic

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Serge off of Kasabian’s goal at soccer aid


When my opponent hit the only Reuse in his deck on a blind Accelerated Diagnostics after I’d Siphoned him down to two credits. Less than an 8% chance of that working and it knocked me out of the fucking tournament, too.

Still, at least it’s a story for the grandkids, eh.


maybe she wears the ring as a memory of your time together and is emotionally MARRIED TO YOU CONRAGTULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Zidane headbutt


I’ll take that at this point. Marriage without any contact whatsoever, sounds nice.

Why was it a shock she had a wedding ring on? Was the fling not that long ago?

What about his effort on Soccer AM? I think that shocked me more, and emotionally prepared me for anything in the match environment.


Yeah, getting the call about a friend who died. I was at uni and spent a week solidly smoking weed and playing Crackdown after it, just to not engage with reality in any way.

3 years? Just amazing people are living their lives without me really, how am I not the protagonist here?