What's the most shocked you've ever been?

The volley?

When I was 10 a girl didn’t come to school one day. We later found out that a van had crashed into a bus stop she had been waiting at and killed her.

The volley.

Gus Fring turning round to reveal his mangled face

Gotta have sex if you want grandkids M9


When our daughter was born - the sheer shock of her being there, and everyone being okay. There are no words available to describe the total-body awe of that first moment.


pretty good tbh

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Or I could finally do the honourable thing and marry your mum.

fidel :fearful:

My uncle dying was a huge shock. We had just started speaking again after a long estrangement. I knew he was poorly, but he hadn’t told anyone it was actually cancer :pensive:

Didn’t you have nine months or so notice?


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Touche, but it wasn’t smooth sailing, especially at the end. Frankly felt very lucky to be walking out of there with a family at all! Also, I just wanted to chuck a positive counterpoint in.

Getting punched in the face. Sometimes I still can’t believe it happened.

I’ve been punched in the back of the head before. Not shock so much, like a bright white light of pain. Top fun.

I do not know what this means sorry

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One time I was walking down the road when I was 15 with my mates and this bloke who was 18/19 just headbutted me fully in the face, completely out of the blue, and then threw a bottle of gin at my head. I was really, really drunk though and had to deal with the police etc thinking “oh god I am drrrruuuuunnnkkkk” and they didn’t seem to notice

Yeah being bottled was surprising and out of nowhere. Must’ve looked double hard cause I was just a bit confused while blood was going dripping all over my bonce. Started hurting a lot a few seconds later

Ryan Jarman’s beauty was doing the rounds on my fb recently:

EDIT: in pink Converse too.

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