What's the most surprised you've ever been by a surface

For me, the most surprised I’ve ever been by a surface was when I stepped into a wrestling ring for the first time (not to fight, but to get my photo taken with whichever member of The Legion of Doom wasn’t dead at the time). I was expecting it to be like a bouncy castle or a trampoline or something cos wrestling is fake, but boy was that a hard surface. A really, really hard surface. I was surprised!

What’s the most surprised you’ve ever been by a surface?


I’m also looking for stories about you being surprised by materials

When I stepped on that glass floor near the top of the Blackpool tower and didn’t plummet to my death

It was a pleasant surprise


Thanks for the clarification, I’ve abandoned my original reply

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Does it count when you go to walk on a non moving escalator and your body expects more movement but it isn’t there and you are surprised even though you know you shouldn’t be?


can we see the picture of you and road warrior animal please @AQOS

I am really trying to make this thread a success for you because I believe it deserves it

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probably the surface of the earth, quite outstanding isn’t it


Probably the surface pleasantries of the local mum’s facebook page, all snakes hun x


Many different textures!


is he in the armour or a ribera steakhouse jacket, are you in armour, are you a road warrior now, so many questions


Animal surfaces:
Snake skin - very smooth, very muscular
Chimp’s hand - genuine shock at the strength and power. Actually quite scary

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Gordon brown - texture like sun!



It is presumed lost, I’m hoping my mum still has it somewhere, next time I see her (probs in 2021 at this rate) I’m gonna look through all the family photos and fingers crossed it’ll be in there. Also have a photo with the fake Undertaker from the same night.

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Ffs I didn’t even think of that

That is definitely the most surprised I’ve ever been by a surface, yes

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Ohhhhhh what a rushhhhhh


I tell you what surface I’m not surprised by and that’s Mars. We simply know too much about it.


He was in the armour, and yes you can now refer to me as Road Warrior Jook

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