What's the most surprised you've ever been by a surface

When I first touched my dog, Frank, when he was three weeks old. His fur was so so soft. Never ever expected that.


love the surface of a dog



Well in 2008 my university had a Microsoft surface table in the engineering building and when my friends invited me to have a look at it I was very surprised and impressed

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Got surprised by the surface of our road last week and now I have a broken arm, that was surprising



It’s my own fault, shouldn’t skate while tired, or during lockdown. I have learned the error of my ways, via a nastily fractured elbow

Can I sign your cast

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Umbilical cord, you expect it to be like an in-between bit of sausage but actually pretty gnarly, requires some force to cut.

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When the shark surfaced in the film Jaws.

The amount of swearing in the Slipknot song Surfacing

I was surprised by how sticky the floor was at the Chalk venue last time I was there. It was very very sticky which is not unusual for a music venue, but it had only been open a few months. I assumed that level of stickiness would take a couple of years to build up

Ouch. Sorry man that is very rubbish

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ass (when eating)

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No one has signed it yet :frowning:

wringing a set of gauge blocks

I don’t understand these words in this order

this looks too boring to click on, sorry

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so’s your face