What's the most transparent lie you've told recently?


Saw two dogs 69ing

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Ah yes, a phone number. One of the classic hallmarks of a restaurant

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Called in sick for work and then told them I’d found another job the next day. A classic of the genre I’m sure.

“I’d love to help but I’m really busy today”

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My friend’s dog has a dedicated Facebook page and I’m pretty sure the dog isn’t a restaurant


Alright Richard Dawkins. :slight_smile:

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You scoundrel.

When you look through glass you see another dimension.

Is that a lie though? I’ve got a lot more spiritual lately and I think you might be onto something.

Been filling my socks full of crystals.

It’s very uncomfortable but my aura’s turned out lovely.

Yeah the transparent lie was that this was transparent lie about a transparent lie based on a transparent lie.

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Ooh like The Matrix.

What’s that? Like a film or something?

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I keep telling myself that today I’ll do my tax return

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