What's the most useless part of a drumkit?



inb4 “the drummer, WAHEY!”


Splash cymbal


Use mine loads


Middle Tom - used to play with 3 tom set up, adjusted my playing style to account for the fact that no studios or venue house kits ever have a 3 tom kit


Ride cymbal


Bass drum


Best one I use it in place of hi hat


Could’ve swore I heard cymbals on most of their songs


this is the correct answer


Aka the cowbell paradox

Where the most useless part of the kit is also the best


Those china cymbals that all drummers buy and hit once in one song.


Where are people putting their crash cymbal (or their most used one if they have multiple):

  • hi-hat side of things
  • Tom side of things
  • I use both equally / I keep mine somewhere else / other

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People in Bloc Party doing Matt Tong’s job who aren’t Matt Tong


Double bass drum pedal.


You have lost ALL your metal points.


The first time I saw Minus touring Jesus Christ Bobby the drummers set up was a bass drum, snare, hi hat and one cymbal and it was incredible so I guess everything except for those?

*edit for context - when they sounded like this


Here is my setup. Let me know if anyone has any questions


Anything more than that and you’re practically Rush.


At what point did it become the norm for absolutely everyone (including me) to only play with four drums. Do they still pointlessly sell most kits as five piece, or have the manufacturers noticed everyone puts one tom in the garage never to be touched again?


Kick, snare, floor tom, hi-hats and ride cymbal is all anyone needs.

I’m going for piccolo snare as the most useless part.