What's the most valuable thing (monetarily and sentimentally) that Smee has ever stolen?


As above

Did you ever get told off by one of your mates' parents when you were a kid?

Our hearts


Not sure about the word “sentimentally”, Ant. I’m willing to believe it’s a word, maybe, but I’m not sure I’m ok with it being one.


the deceleration of independence

edit: oh wait i’m thinking of nicolas cage


Can I trouble you to enquire as to why this would be the case?


It’s definitely a word. E.g. “Ruffers is sentimentally attached to the users of drownedinsound.com




Yeah I presumed so I just think it’s a bad one.


What’s the best word?




Thank you.


In answer to your Quarian though I would say it’s van related. Diesel, probably.


Did he acquire the van through legitimate means?


Wouldn’t have thought so (presumably this is a sentimental suggestion rather than a monetary one given what a heap of shit that fucking thing is?)


Van Diesel?


This post is ok but I can’t go any further than that


I’ll take it


i answered you in the relevant thread already you fucking bin lid


This was for the benefit of @Mistersteve you bin lid.

EDIT: I meant to say actual bin not bin lid. You’re an actual bin.