What's the most valuable thing you own? / What's the most precious thing you own?

Valuable: ignore houses, cars n stuff
Precious: the thing you would run into a burning building to retrieve

Chat allowed (of course)

Most valuable: literally nothing

Most precious:my £199 bicycle.

It has brought me so much joy.

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If we’re ignoring the most valuable things then it probably wouldn’t be something ridiculously expensive or anything.

My first guitar would be kind of precious to me I guess but I don’t know where it is anymore or who has it.

Valuable: Dunno
Precious: Dunno


valuable: probably my TV or laptop if they count. if not then dunno.
precious: no chance am I going back into a burning building for my TV, weighs a ton.

That’s a horrible thing to say about her.


Especially if you had locked her in there by accident


valuable: bike
precious: old hard drive maybe? dunno, don’t really have any sentimental stuff. (I’m probably still going back for the bike in a fire)

you’ve got a 35 grand piano?


My violin for both. Valuable because it’s worth more than anything else I own; precious because it was bought for me by my late grandmother.

I’d then be back in for some of my daughters’ favourite toys.

'er indoors

Valuable: probably my mac
Precious: toss up between an old (crappy but sentimental) guitar and a hard drive containing with previous music projects and comic art

No such thing as bad weather only bad clothing, afterall

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Valuable: If all household items count rather than actually mine, then the wife’s viola, worth about £1.6k I think (totally ignored by thieves when we were broken into a while ago). If not then, hmmm, I have almost nothing of value. When my new sofa arrives it will be that, but then again I only own half of that. So either half a sofa or my banjo (~£400).

Precious: Acoustic Guitar. It’s a piece of shit that cost me £100 in 1995 but my have we had some times, and I’ve already started teaching my 6 month old son how to play on it :smiley:

Sadly probably the most valuable thing I own is my own kidneys.

I dunno about precious. I’m always guilting myself that I’m stupid for being attached to things.

TBH I’m a bit scared of expensive things- I guess I’m scared of ruining them. A little while ago I went to @xylo 's shop and he was showing me loads of antique books. There was one that I was carefully leafing through, and he got me to guess the price. The real price was about 10 times what I guessed, and I immediately moved it away from myself and felt I couldn’t touch it any more.

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What a smooth bastard. Come and touch my valuable books.


Didn’t even have to wear gloves.


valuable is my macbook, precious could be the macbook cos it has music on it that i’ve made and not backed up (really should do that…)

actually my denture might be the most valuable thing, would definitely be grabbed as i ran out of a burning house in my pants at 3am

oh yeah good call. My glasses are arguably the most valuable - I can replace them easy enough but my prescription is such that it takes about 2 weeks, and I don’t have a spare pair.

my glasses would be second behind the denture cos i could use a lack of glasses as an excuse to take two weeks off work, missing a front tooth for two weeks wouldn’t prevent me working but it would just make socialising slightly less appealing