What's the most you've ever paid for a haircut?

  • £0
  • £0-£10
  • £11-£15
  • £16-£20
  • £21-£30
  • £31-£40
  • £41-£50
  • £51-£60
  • £61-£70
  • £71-£80
  • £81-£90
  • £91-£100
  • Over £100

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Does that include any other treatment (dying etc) or are we talking just a cut?

Anything that involved one single stint in a hairdresser’s chair.


My highest was £14 at Trimmers in Bath. A little more than I’d like to pay but they’re Sicilian and loads of the Italian people I knew used to congregate their so it was like a social occasion.

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Paid like £140 quid to bleach mid-back brunette length hair white blonde and then pink

Chopped it all off within 6 months, lol crisis times

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Bald since the age of seven, and even if that weren’t the case, my mam is a hairdresser.


I had you in mind when I included the £0 option!

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My hairdresser’s fees have gone up £20 since Covid. I think it’s mostly because she’s completed a specialist course on dyeing hair rather than just pando/cost of living but I’m still gutted about it. She’s lovely and does a good job though so I don’t want to change hairdresser (my previous one, who works at the same salon, was fine but she wasn’t very friendly and she never took the weight out of the bottom of my hair, plus she would sneakily give me/charge me for a blow dry when I only ever wanted a rough dry)

They do fringe trims for free and I need to remember to make the most of this rather than hacking away with scissors.

Pay just shy of £100 every time :frowning:

Ah, thanks!

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“Pervo why don’t you just do it yourself/be less vain!!”


Paid more than I was expecting last time I went (pre-lockdown) as I think my usual hairdresser must have gone up a pricing tier or something. I don’t understand why it’s so expensive (yes I am aware that hairdressers themselves aren’t raking it in). I’ve had cheaper cuts before that haven’t been very good and I don’t get it, even if you work at a cheaper place how can you be bad at the thing you spend all day every day doing?

Last time I got my bf to do it (with my help). Next time I might try the college as it’s cheap and nearby.

I gave up on free fringe trims from the hairdresser as they weren’t reliably any better than me and I might as well save myself a trip

welcome to the world of having to work with other people.

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Tend to pay £25 plus a £5 tip. Can definitely tell the difference between that and a £10-£15 haircut but given that there are only three haircuts that straight white men can get anything else feels excessive.

£14, about 25 years ago in the small town where I grew up, and where all the hairdressers charged that amount like a cartel.

Then a barbers opened up and started charging only £7, and every man in the town started going there instead.

After that, when I left home, I used to go to Fenwicks, then Sweeny Todd’s in Newcastle, then my local barbers in London. None of these have been more than £10 a time, including tip.

I now shave my head myself.

Your vote would suggest that this is a lie.

I pressed the wrong button, corrected now.

Thank you, integrity is important in all my threads.

No idea. Want to say £40?

My hair is a disgrace at the moment. Haven’t had a haircut for years.

Paying £60 on Thursday, which will just about double the previous record, but I’ve been cutting it myself for two years and am starting a new job the following Monday so I want them to sort it out before then and they’re known to be excellent. Plus now that my hair is noticeably thinning and I’ve got weird wispy bits at the front I’m going to use it as an opportunity to have them suggest a style that accommodates (NB: not hides) that.

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Paid £185 just last week.
Plus a £10 tip of course!