What's the most you've ever paid for one single drink?

Not including bottles of wine etc, obviously, but rather one (1) glass with something in it.

  • £0-£1
  • £2-£3
  • £4-£5
  • £6-£8
  • £9-£10
  • £11-£15
  • £15-£18
  • Over £18

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Some kind of cocktail at the Dark Horse in Bath, with mates rates probably still about £9.50. Always too poor for cocktails normally. Most for a pint is probably £6.50 or something at the wanky place near the beach down here.

At least €20 for a bottle of water in one of the big Ibiza clubs.

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Some ridiculous brandy when i was out with the ceo which cost me £90 for 2


Wouldn’t expect anything less.

$15 for a Stella at Brooklyn Nets’ stadium.

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Think it was way over £20 for a gin and tonic in the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. The receipt is one of the only things I’ve kept hold of in my tiny wee memento box so I’ll be able to confirm this evening. Thx.


We got a couple of pints when we had our stopover at Dubai airport on the way back from India, and they were about fifteen quid a pint. The barman claimed it was because alcohol was frowned on but aren’t airports technically international spaces? It was more like shameless profiteering from a captive audience

missed opportunity to go full sovereign-citizen on their ass tbh.


I paid about £25 for a 750ml sharing bottle of a Burning Sky Raspberry sour. It should’ve been low £30s but the bar person gave me it on takeout price cos it was my birthday :sunglasses:

For a single drink, I once spent £9 on a third of a stupid Mikkeller sour. Ordered it without checking the price, everything else was much cheaper, got me there.

Pretty sure this is the most expensive cocktail in London:

I ordered something from the ‘cheap’ menu section.

bog standard scotch in a hotel bar in Geneva was about 15 quid

bought a g&t in a not-even-wanky pub round here and the barman asked ‘which one do you want’. gf picked one she’d not seen before.
€14 ffs. You couldv’e said before you poured it mate…

Pint of lager in London

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£18 Sazerac in London at the weekend. At least it nearly blinded me

Also went to Pablo Discobar in Reykjavik for the laugh but was cute enough to go to the toilet and send my partner at the time up to the bar. €25 a pop for cheap sugary shite cocktails but at least it wasn’t outta my pocket

I think I’ve paid a tenner for a cocktail at some point. Not worth it.


Bought a £13 whiskey in Switzerland just the other day, turns out the payment bounced though.

0-1 barleysugar

Someone paid about £30 for a double rum and coke

What a swiss (swizz)

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double bourbon as a nightcap at a bar on my friend’s birthday - £14. Plus I bought hers too, so double pain

wasn’t even very nice bourbon, wasn’t served especially well, highly not worth it

had a beer that cost £5 in London once

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not sure i’ve broken the £10 barrier for a beer from a bar yet, though getting closer all the time

cocktails are always in the £8-12 range, haven’t had any especially weird one that boosted the price way higher