What's the most you've ever spent on a meal out?

I’d like the highest figure YOU have paid for a restaurant bill. So if it was a split bill with someone else then please answer for whatever your share was. Not just a single dish but the whole meal, drinks etc.If you bought dinner for someone else as well, that counts. The whole bill amount that you paid please.

  • Never paid for a meal out
  • £1-£10
  • £11-£20
  • £21-£30
  • £31-£40
  • £41-£50
  • £51-£60
  • £61-£70
  • £71-£80
  • £81-£90
  • £91-£100
  • £101-£120
  • £121-£150
  • Over £150

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Ive probably broken the £150 window multiple times paying for not super flash meals involving all 3 kids and my ex

Also a meal for 2 in that bracket (nice steak meal ) - but that was a work anniversary thing where I wasn’t actually paying

Tasting menu, pairing, cocktails, all the optional extras (cheese board, coffees etc.), double nikka miyagikyo after and tip, for two, at the art school in Liverpool just last month

£420 (blaze it) total


Went out in Leeds with colleagues and clients, 6 of us iirc. Total bill was c£580. Absolutely obscene. Food was good but not £580 good

Probably the most was for a very unflashy lunch but in central Ldn for 6 adults & 3 kids where I’d invited people so paid.

Neither me or my partner are into fine dining and don’t eat meat so nothing extravagant. Most expensive was probably in Geneva just because Geneva.

Big Mac meal and 3 chicken selects


Probably when i paid for my a meal with my parents at Ubiquitous Chip £120-£150

In the space of about 5 days I made £80 betting on brexit and £20 from England getting knocked out of the Euros by Iceland.

Then a few days after that I was invited to a meal at Hawksmoor for a mates birthday. We split the bill equally which was £95 each.

Was well worth it.

tasting menu seems to often be the way to spend a shit load, tho my meal wasn’t

the most expensive meal you’ve had where you only paid for yourself

  • tasting menu
  • not

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Cracked the £400 mark 3 times for birthdays/other special events. Extremely worth it every time.

just remembered that for my 30th birthday, I invited a load of friends and family to a pub next the thames and spent about £400 on a buffet

so actually that’s my answer by a fucking mile

was really good food and one of the best days of my life so no regrets

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Took my bf to SOLA last summer for his 40th. Tasting menu, cocktails, bottle of wine. Came to about £450.

Can’t remember exactly the amount but went to Atrio during a solo existential trip to Caceres.

It was definitely over 120 euros, and I didn’t even have a drink (except the table water THAT THEY CHARGED ME ABOUT 15 EUROS FOR)

Obviously there were no prices on the menu or online anywhere.

My wife and i had a special meal for 2 at the Waterside Inn in Bray, it is a 3 Michelin star restaurant, can’t remember the exact cost but was over £400 and that was 12 years ago. It was a tasting menu.

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Remember salt bae?

About 60 quid at Helena Rizzos restaurant in Sao Paulo

Was really nice and would’ve been like 4x that in Europe so no regrets

Dinner for two plus a couple of drinks and tip, soon after it got its Michelin star - £250. Looks like this was August 2020, when they reopened after initial lockdown


The meal was partly for my friends birthday, and partly to balance out when they had paid for the entire meal at the last uber-fancy place we’d been the year before. Was very very good and glad we went and was lucky enough to be easily able to afford it due to lockdown savings but also not even in my top … 3? favourite fancy meals I’ve had.

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had a couple sneaky meals where i’ve gone to a place with a couple of pre-bought bottles of wine.

should i count them in the final total @Funkhouser ?

I took the tv to Isaac At in Brighton for her 30th birthday and covered both of us for the tasting menu and wine pairing.


Felt very fancy. Wore smart shoes and was sitting next to two lads in streetwear and admiring the view which is a graffiti-laden side alley. The server seemed to be trying out the wine pairing himself and got progressively looser in his pre-course spiel as the night went on. Two of the courses were some of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted. Worth it as a one-off.

Good as a novelty but I’d be just as happy with a burrito, sweet potato fries and a Margherita from Carlito for £20

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